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Skua Specifications

Length: 16' 2"
Waterline Length: 15' 7"
Molded Beam: 38"
4" Waterline Beam: 32"
Center Depth: 14"

Hull: Formed from epoxy saturated fiberglass, coated with tough linear polyurethane paint in your choice of colors
Trim: Varnished Mahogany Gunwales
Seats: 3 Mahogany Seats Standard;
Fixed Seat/Sliding Seat Ready Optional (see below)

Efficient Load Capacity: 500 lbs.
6' Freeboard Capacity: 800 lbs.
One Piece Fiberglass Liner with comfortable molded-in seatbacks*
Weight: Approx. 95 lbs.
Watertight Storage Under Fore & Aft Deck Hatches

Fasteners: Stainless Steel
Metal Fittings: Bronze (Oarlocks, Sockets)
Flotation: Encapsulated Closed-Cell Foam.
The SKUA FRP is unsinkable.

* The One Piece Fiberglass Liner was designed to render this boat as self-righting as a craft of this type can be. Also, the liner traps such a great volume of air that as long as the hull is intact, the deck hatches are in place, the boat can continue to be rowed in the unlikely event that it should become completely swamped. The Fiberglass liner comes with comfortable molded in seatbacks.

The price of these elegant craft, including premium quality, spoon bladed oars, is $6,000 for the fixed seat model.

You may order your Skua with a fixed seat, but ready for a sliding seat. Should you decide to order a rig in the future, your boat will be ready for it. A sliding seat apparatus can enhance the level of exercise (but not necessarily the performance) derived from a sleek rowboat. Due to the erratic availability of high quality drop-in rigs of late, we no longer offer packages that include sliding seat rigs. Rowing sleds and sculls (oars) may be ordered separately directly from the manufacturer.

The price of the fixed seat/sliding seat ready model is $6,300. This package includes all the features, fittings and accessories that come standard with the fixed seat model, plus mounting points for a Piantedosi Oars, Inc. Row Wing I drop-in sliding seat unit with stanchion kit.

Due to our continuing efforts to improve and refine our products, specifications may change without notice.

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